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If you're frustrated with poor revenue growth, managing the sales team, or missing your revenue forecasts - then we can help.

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What We Provide

True Sales Leadership

We create and manage a high-performance sales engine for you. Been there, done that and succeeded Sales Leadership

More Focus

Identify & lock in your best-fit customers. Align your sales roles & selling activities with them. Focus multiplies your sales success!

Trusted Advisor Status

Customers buy from those they trust. Your sales team will learn how to provide customer insight and consistently deliver high value.

Results that Last

Implement a repeatable system to manage and develop a high performing team that will generate sales growth for years to come.

Experience Success

Accelerence builds PowerHouse sales capabilities that deliver breakthrough revenue growth & predictability.   We consistently create 25+% yearly growth for our clients.
Our unique PowerHouse model allows us to deliver VP level sales leadership at an affordable monthly price.  You receive high-caliber Sales VP leadership, sales representative development and a professional selling methodology.

Sales Leadership as a Service

The clarity of focus these processes drive on customer, market, differentiated value proposition, sales execution and delivery optimization is a formula for success.

Paul PennyVP of Advisory Services, Varrow

This is like gold to our small company … a scalable sales process that is authentic and effective.

Justin QueenPresident/CEO at Blu Zeus

Their ability to draw the best in you out is what I have enjoyed the most.

Daniel B.Vice President of Technology

I leveraged their business strategy, business planning and sales leadership processes to accelerate CIBER’s growth in the Eastern US!

Dan RussellVP of Eastern US, CIBER, Inc
What They’re Saying

This is like gold to our small company right now. We’re launching digital marketing products for small location based businesses and we’re having to design a scalable sales process that is authentic and effective. We’ve already implemented some of your ideas!

Justin QueenPresident/CEO at Blu Zeus

The Accelerence team communicates an outstanding and well-supported perspective on business growth. Central to their model is the vital importance of people. From team motivation and development to personalized customer acquisition and a commitment to outstanding customer service, these guys truly understand that the key to business success starts with the people inside and outside of the company

Amanda E.Lecturer, Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at NCSU Poole College of Management

Mike and Will Shook have been fantastic to work with! They have a clear, experience based knowledge and understanding of the fundamental business principles that drive success. Their 7 Steps to Profitable Growth Assessment has been a great tool and guide to help us think through our business model, better understand who our competition is, what market segments we should be focused on and what we can do better to help serve our customers.

Christian D.VP of Sales - Managing Partner at Tego Data Systems

The Partners at Accelerence truly understand the gears that must effectively turn in order for a young venture to validate and execute a successful business model. Their 7 step model does a masterful job of integrating both key marketing and leadership needs into a synthesized growth strategy. Accelerence did an excellent job of facilitating several NC State FAST 15 companies through their process, and it will positively impact their revenue growth and profitability.

Russell T.President at NIRvana Sciences

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