Scott Leib’s article on “How to Preserve Founder’s Mentality During Your Company’s Growth Stage” is spot on.  As companies scale from a hand full of employees to hundreds, business process best practices must be integrated into the fabric of the company.  The article suggests that there can be unintended consequences when building more structure and discipline in a business. Specifically, driving business process improvement can often lead to unnecessary business complexity, as well as the impression that the company is becoming overly bureaucratic orand, even worse,t straying from its culture and core values.

Tightening the white space in business unit and team member hand off zones is critical. Understanding team and individual roles and responsibilities is vital. Evolving and adding business operating structure is not a bad thing. The key in architecting that structure is to build it so the business process guard rails are there but to employees they appear to be invisible and not cumbersome.

Successful deployment of business process improvement initiatives is all about clear and effective organization communication. The management team must communicate early and often to all employees that the culture and values of the business will never change and that the company’s commitment to employees and customers will always be priority #1. The second part of the recurring message is that every employee must fully understand that achievement of future success will be a function of great people, great business models, and flawless execution. Flawless business execution cannot be achieved without a careful eye on business alignment, accountability, and the elimination of AD Hocad hoc business processes that cannot be tracked, measured, orand improved upon. Getting team buy- in and support is the single greatest contributor relative to the successful implementation of major improvement opportunity projects for the business.

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