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MBA Students at North Carolina State University Understand Importance of Strong Business Culture

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Education has always been very important to Will and I so we jumped at the chance to guest lecture to an MBA class at North Carolina State University. There were two main themes of the lecture. First, we laid out a roadmap for developing a strategic growth plan. Second, we presented some ideas on how to keep a positive and productive culture as the business evolves. As long time entrepreneurs, we intimately understand how important corporate culture and shared values are in successfully managing and navigating business growth. Long term business success is all about the ability to change, transform and evolve business models. In contrast, what can never change is the culture and shared values – the common bedrock of great companies. Recruiting the best and brightest is critical, retaining these people as assets is even more critical.

Our belief is that people stay where they are because they are treated with dignity and respect and because they share in working towards a common cause, as well as possess similar values, and sense of purpose. These are the soft issues that result in business alignment and success. We found it very interesting that this class, this class professor and the university really grasped this concept. It was crystal clear to them before we spoke that great businesses are one part compelling business model and strategy and three parts great people, in alignment with a shared purpose. At Accelerence, we are huge advocates of this philosophy. It’s nice to know that our local university shares in this philosophy as well.


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