Our Mission

Become the catalyst that helps our customers achieve breakthrough revenue growth.  We want to make a real difference in our customer’s lives.  Our team knows that life is good when revenue is flowing and growing.  And quite frankly, it’s not so good when it isn’t.  Our team is personally motivated to be the spark that makes that happen so you can set new sales record after sales record.

We aim to make the sales function a self-sufficient and high-value corporate contributor. This lets leadership teams focus on strategy and serving customers thus creating even more growth. Ultimately consistent growth leads to more opportunity and frankly, the deep personal satisfaction we all strive for.

Who We Are

The Accelerence team is well known for building top tier sales and marketing teams that dominate their markets by establishing a high sense of urgency, industry leading trust and high value add.  Accelerence offers these same models, processes, coaching and leadership bundled in an effective, affordable monthly service.

Meet Our Team

Will Shook

COO and Sales & Marketing Executive

Will Shook has a solid track record in growing revenue and carving out sales frontiers. His ability to build and motivate high-value, high-touch sales teams and to continuously identify new process and performance opportunities have made him a major contributor to technology companies through exceptional periods of sustained growth.

  • Grew sales 1,500% in 5 years at a vertical market software provider.
  • As Strategic Technologies COO and EVP of sales and marketing, Will helped the company realize a CAGR of 71% over 10 years, as well as:
    • Earn multiple INC 500 awards
    • Eight consecutive RTP Fast 50 awards.
    • Grew to well north of $100M in revenue and a successful exit
  • Served on the National Advisory Boards of three Fortune 500 companies: BMC Software, Symantec, and Sun Microsystems
  • Served multiple terms on the board of the Society of Information Managers of NC.

Pete Ransome

Sales VP Leader

Pete is a seasoned business executive with 30 years of success in sales leadership, information management, business process, and IT outsourcing. Pete has experience with large publicly traded companies and small to mid-size start up’s where he has shown a talent to strategically manage and grow organizations. He has worked across such as Healthcare, Automotive, Insurance, Finance, Non-Profit, and Government. He has worked in North America and also has global experience leveraging workforces in China, Nepal, India, Kenya, Granada, Barbados, Philippines, and Mexico.

Pete co-founded Active Data Services, a leading healthcare BPO organization successfully exited in 2009. Pete subsequently, founded a consulting and digital marketing company serving customers in the U.S. and Canada.

Vince Beese

Sales VP Leader

Vince is the go-to-market expert in B2B software and technology sales. For over 19 years, Vince has accelerated revenue growth and reduced churn at venture capital backed startups and other scaling businesses, leading to profitable corporate acquisitions and successful IPOs.

Vince consults with growing technology firms to deliver fully developed sales strategies, sales teams, and sales execution plans. Startups and venture capital firms have turned to him for years to position their businesses for sustained profitability and client growth.

Earlier in his career Vince has served in sales executive roles at True Fit Corporation, SugarCRM, TrustedID, LivePerson (IPO), Amadesa (acquired by LivePerson), and CheetahMail (acquired by Experian).

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