Sales Leadership

How It Works

Simply put, we help companies that want greater sales results get them. We do this by installing all the elements that turn your sales function into a Sales PowerHouse. One that gets offerings into the hands of more of the customers that need them. That Sales PowerHouse  will create meaningful revenue growth.  And no matter the entrepreneur’s vision, revenue growth is a force of good in attaining it. 

One of the most expensive things in any business is an ineffective salesperson.  We work diligently to build your salesforce into a high yield asset instead of an energy draining liability. And by providing VP level talent, at a fractional cost you further drive up your ROI.

Key Sales Leadership Deliverables


  • Team Forecast Mgmt
  • Rep Reviews
  • Deal Strategy


  • Sales Development
  • Sales Reporting
  • Executive Review
  • Tool Collaboration


  • Repeatable Process
  • Better Sales Pros
  • More Wins
  • More Revenue

Five Reasons Your Sales will Grow!

How we build and operate your Sales PowerHouse

Step One


The build phase encompasses a discovery session to uncover critical sales challenges impacting performance.  The session digs into the 5 foundations of our Sales Powerhouse  model. We then prioritize items needing the most, or immediate attention and blend those into the implementation process.  

A completed plan will provide your sales strategy, target customer segments, compensation adjustments (if required), customer-centric sales process and sessions on high value solution selling. This can be accomplished in 1 to 3 months depending upon team availability and your priorities.  But impact on the team and overall results begins immediately.

Step Two


Your VP sales leader will be accountable for running weekly forecast calls, rep one-on-ones and coaching on WIN strategies for key deals.  These touchpoints build competencies, spirit and bottom line results.

On a monthly basis a foundational selling skill is covered and appropriate sales forecasts are delivered.  Also your VP sales leader will provide an executive review of the forecast and key issues for discussion. 

The goal of operation is not only to operate, but to develop the team and the repeatability of execution and communication. It amounts to orchestration. A well-orchestrated sales function  combined with a more capable and motivated team is what will deliver you more customers and growth.

So What's My ROI?

A critical question to answer.  Bang for the buck is the bottom line.  Our clients ROI is multiples of 100%.  Serious, and that’s on product margin not unburdened revenue.  Improved win rates and higher production per person create large bottomline improvements.

Would you like to generate more sales, profit, and time for you?

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